Congratulations, Giveaway Winners!

We’re glad to announce our fourth giveaway winners!

All comments made on the products at are considered once for semi-yearly giveaways. This giveaway was on the comments made for the purchases between July 2009 – December 2009. Fewer than a dozen members entered this time. We listed each name of participants on the same-sized cards, folded them, mixed them up, and picked the 3 winners as we announced.

$50 Gift Certificate Winner: Steve K. from South Korea

Steve made the comment on “Blue Monaco Necklace.” It was for his mom, and he let us know that she loved the gift!

$25 Gift Certificate Winner: Mandy B. from California in the USA

Mandy is a repeated buyer and made her comment on “Silver Hammered Bubble Necklace” this time.

$25 Gift Certificate Winner: Shilla A. from New York in the USA

Shilla is one of the first members at and made her comment on “Silver Clover Necklace.”

We already notified the winners via e-mails. Winners will receive Gift Certificate codes as soon as they reply to us, so they can pick their choices of beautiful jewelry they wish to receive. There’s a catch though. They have to write comments on their gifts when they receive the items!

Again, we thank all participants who made comments on our products. We’re planning to give out more gifts for members’ comments on our products in the future, so keep them coming!


Valentine Ideas!

Some great ideas to help you shop for your Valentine!

1. Flowers are always romantic!

2. Nothing says more “I-Love-You” than Hearts!

3. Pearls are for Lovers!

4. If you’re a nature lover…

5. If your valentine loves Modern…

Plenty to choose from, right? And, don’t forget. Beautiful new items are coming in every week until February 14 to celebrate upcoming Valentine’s Day this year too!

Why don’t you come to DistinQue Land today and look around for your Valentine? Enjoy!

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