Yes, it’s today, March 28, 2009, between 8:30pm – 9:30pm your local time. For 1 hour, we’ll turn off our lights!


(photo by Michael Bosanko)

We’ve been heard and warned about global warming so many times. This is a bit part we can do to step forward to carry our will to prevent global warming as much as we can. This also supports a strong new U.N. deal to fight global warming by the end of 2009.

Australia first held Earth Hour in 2007, and it went global in 2008, attracting 50 million people. A conservation group WWF, which started the event, is hoping one billion people from nearly 90 countries will take part this year.

Please be a supporter and participate in this EARTH HOUR today!

For more details, please click here:


Light Graffiti & Tree Houses!

Some people just know how to make cool things (and be cool)!

I’ve seen some great light graffiti before, and these are the new good ones I found.


For more cool graffiti, please click here.

I saw these a while ago, and I thought I’d share with everyone because I’ve never seen cooler tree houses!



For details about these tree houses, please click here.

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