One thing I can’t stand!

I keep noticing. I try not to. I try to ignore, but it’s my job, so I just can’t!

It’s unbearable to see women with no sense of fashion. I’m NOT talking about wearing fancy jewelry or clothes. I’m NOT talking about following the trend. (well, some people just don’t know how to coordinate what they wear together, but I digress…) I AM talking about the fashion of their own!

Do NOT wear things just because it’s popular. Do NOT purchase a wooden bracelet only because Lindsay L. is wearing it. If you want to follow the trend, you will have to buy the whole set of everything; hair, make-up, shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc. Believe me, it’s an endless work, and you’ll end up nowhere.

One thing I like about LA is that lots of people wear what they want to wear. I’m pretty conservative in fashion, but I love to see people that show themselves. I would never wear sandals with a fur coat. I wouldn’t wear a plastic necklace unless my niece made it for me. A pink wig wouldn’t be on my head in public ever. BUT, (this is a big “but” here), if it shows YOU, then just go for it. Don’t think about what others would say. Life is short. State yourself.

Also wear something that expresses you for the day. Do you feel blue today? Then wear something calm; black and white attire or earthy-toned ones. You want to be casual today? Wear blue jeans with a cotton shirt that has a funky print on. You want to show off today? Wear big jewelry, but not glittery ones. An event is upon you, and you have no idea what to wear? Just go black and white. You don’t have to stick out unless you want to.

Fashion is how you show yourself to others. Don’t be someone else. And, don’t forget, it has to be for YOU too. You don’t have to go and buy expensive jewelry. It’s important to go out and shop for yourself sometimes (this is another issue), but you don’t have to go over your budget to be fashionable. Just be you.

Okay, that’s it. I thought I should just say it out loud here, so I can, breathe…again.