New Bestsellers!

New items at DistinQue are selling fast this holiday season!

(silver wishbone necklace $29 with free world-wide shipping)

(silver lotus petal hoops $18 (small) $22 (large) with free world-wide shipping)

(gold ring-ring-ring earrings $27 with free world-wide shipping)

(gold ring-ring-ring necklace $37 with free world-wide shipping & free sterling necklace gift)

Come on in to DistinQue land and finish your holiday shopping for your loved ones before it’s too late!


Introducing 2 Tone Collections!

DistinQue is now offering 2 Tone Collections!

I personally loooove mixed materials, and I’m glad it’s back in fashion. It shows multiple characters in different textures. I’ve been working on this project for more than 6 months now. Simple pleasure in motto as usual, I started with the popular and common elements people were familiar with, Gold and Silver.



Gold and Silver is a wonderful combination with the endless possibility! There will be other mixed materials – such as leather and metal – coming up in this collection in the future too.

Come and Visit today and enjoy the Free Gift too!

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