What’s DistinQue About?

As you can tell from the name DistinQue, my motto is Distinctive + uniQue. I believe that when women are distinctive and unique, they will feel more beautiful and will be empowered with confidence that will lead them to any type of successs they want to achieve in their lives. DistinQue offers an extensive range of modern jewelry and classy accessories that encourage women to be different and unique. Whether you’re a sophisticated career woman, a young mom, or a shy girl next door, I guarantee that you’ll find something you like in DistinQue.com.

My goal is to offer you exquisite items that will excite and charm your day, lift your spirit, and help you stand out among those around you.

Joining a global community, I scout the globe in search of the latest vogue. DistinQue’s hand-made and expertly-selected inventory is always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Charge yourself to live every moment to the fullest by sparkling your days with the newest and most advanced trends from around the world. I’d like to assist you in expressing yourself; highlight your style with DistinQue’s elaborate and creative accents.

DistinQue’s products are either imported from all around the world or made in the Los Angeles county area in the USA. Most of DistinQue’s accessories are handmade, and some items are even one-and-only products or limited editions, so own them and make yourself distinct from the rest of the world.

In the future, I hope to introduce new and high quality tea, other drinks, and food including healthy soda, gentle coffee, and healthy cookies. DistinQue’s products will help you to start your morning, energize you in your work-out, soothe you throughout your tough day, and calm your stressed body and mind in the evening.

Also I’m planning to introduce you unique art, music, and literature. DistinQue welcomes first-time artists and literary authors who would like to show their works to the world. I’ll find and share information about unique exhibitions, concerts, and publications with you to enlighten and enrich your mind and soul.

Throughout the year, you’ll also see lots of news about the work DistinQue does with children’s and women’s charities. I try to help others who need our support in life and spiritual matters.

I hope to introduce you to many more high quality products as I share my vision and spread my DistinQue spirit across the world.

Today, before you step out the door, say “I’m beautiful.” Believe me. You ARE beautiful when you act like one! Now you go and seize the day!

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