Secret Love? Mothers Day Gift?

DistinQue has introduced new vintage items, Locket Necklaces!

Lockets have been a good way to say “I-Love-You” for a long time. This is a good gift for your loved ones for any occasion. Especially for upcoming Mother’s Day, why don’t you try a locket necklace for your mom? You can put any picture or message you want to send to your mom. She can show the picture to anyone she wishes to or can just open it up for a nice smile she needs from time to time. She’ll love the unique look of it too!


Our necklaces are also featured in several online sites. Here are a few:,com_content/Itemid,70/id,5537/task,view/

Locket Necklaces have been a big hit at craft shows we’ve been doing this year. Some of them are even limited editions, so come on and check them out today. Also if you have a custom order in mind, just drop us a line. We’d love to make custom orders for you! Don’t forget to use your coupons too!


1 Comment

  1. Anchal said,

    March 31, 2009 at 2:46 am

    This is a beautiful gift to present.

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