Congratulations, Giveaway Winners!

We’re glad to announce our second giveaway winners!

All comments made on the products at are considered once for semi-yearly giveaways. This giveaway was on the comments made for the purchases between July 2008 – January 2009. Less than a dozen members entered this giveaways, so the process to pick the winners didn’t take long. We listed each name of participants on the same-sized cards, folded them, mixed them up, and picked the 3 winners as we said we would.

$50 Gift Certificate Winner: Kacie S. from St. Louis in the USA


Kacie made the comment on “Golden Flower Necklace.” She actually made her comment early 2008, but we found out that her comment was not included in the 1st giveaways, so we put her in this time around, and see what happened!

$25 Gift Certificate Winner: Sue K. from Tarzana in the USA


Sue is a repeated buyer and made her comment on “Dripping Ocean Necklace” this time.

$25 Gift Certificate Winner: Daniel K. from the U.K.


Daniel is a new member in January 2009 and made her comment on “Daphne Earrings.”

We already notified the winners via e-mails. Daniel and Sue replied back their excitements. We haven’t heard from Kacie yet, but we’re sure she’d be happy to hear the news. Winners will receive Gift Certificate codes this week, so they can pick their choices of beautiful jewelry they wish to receive. There’s a catch though. They have to make comments on their gifts when they receive the items! (lol)

Again, we thank all participants who made comments on our products. We’re planning to give out more gifts for members’ comments on our products in the future, so keep them coming!


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