Light Graffiti & Tree Houses!

Some people just know how to make cool things (and be cool)!

I’ve seen some great light graffiti before, and these are the new good ones I found.


For more cool graffiti, please click here.

I saw these a while ago, and I thought I’d share with everyone because I’ve never seen cooler tree houses!



For details about these tree houses, please click here.


Octopus Necklace and Earrings Are Here!!!

As you all know, my theme in jewelry has always been “NATURE.” DistinQue has silver and gold leaves, flowers, trees, birds, etc. in both DistinQue.etsy & DistinQue.

I decided to carry a little more wild ones in animal themes, and I’m glad to introduce you octopi!



These octopus necklaces have been so popular in my Etsy2 shop, and I’ve been busy stocking up these babies since last year. In addition to that, I finally found cute small-sized octopus charms that have no holes in their heads for a change!



These octopus earrings will be another big bomb! Enjoy!

***Octopus Necklace and Earrings can be found only at DistinQue2.etsy***

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