Gold Nature Sale!!!

That’s right. As you saw on the front page of It is true. Gold items are on 25% OFF SALE at DistinQue right now!

I know. You’ve never seen Gold sale at DistinQue before, right? I usually plan out for a year at the beginning of each year. What kind of monthly sale I would give out, when and what kind of giveaway I’d run, what new items I would list…all that. I edit and revise my plan under the circumstances as time goes by, but usually I keep it how it was planned in the first place.

This Gold Nature Sale was one of the plan that was considered then omitted and was considered then omitted like dozen times, and I finally decided to go for it. I love autumn, and Gold has been (at least for a couple of years now) and is getting more popular and valued every day, so why not. Gold is a such color that represents autumn so well. So come and get the one you hesitated to grab before.

Enjoy this wonderful autumn and upcoming holidays with shiny and precious gold leaves. For Gold, I guarantee you that this October is the best time for you to shop at DistinQue!


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