So who watched Emmy’s last night? Reviews are in, and the show remarked one of the lowest ratings in their history. My focus was the fashion, so I didn’t much care about the show going bad. Although I didn’t see B-A-D much this year, I didn’t see anything G-O-O-D either. Except, Heidi Klum’s Armani Privé metallic masterpiece which stole the spotlight I’m sure, there was nothing else to empress me to go “wow!”.

(pictures from Yahoo TV, by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Heidi Klum, being a super model, pulled the elegant dress really well, not disappointing her reputation about her fashion sense. And, I looooooved her butterfly earrings which reminded me of my Butterfly Debut Necklaces.

By the way, after the show, now I know who Tina Fey is, whom I see in every single magazine I receive, advertising American Express card (her Sarah Palin was great in Saturday Night Live too, wasn’t it?). Now I have to rent “30 Rock,” “John Adams,” “Recount,” and “Mad Man” if I can. Intriguing winners I’ve never seen yet…


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