A Piece of America’s Mind

While there’s the election battle going on, here’s an interesting way to spell out your mind loud and clear…




So who watched Emmy’s last night? Reviews are in, and the show remarked one of the lowest ratings in their history. My focus was the fashion, so I didn’t much care about the show going bad. Although I didn’t see B-A-D much this year, I didn’t see anything G-O-O-D either. Except, Heidi Klum’s Armani Privé metallic masterpiece which stole the spotlight I’m sure, there was nothing else to empress me to go “wow!”.

(pictures from Yahoo TV, by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Heidi Klum, being a super model, pulled the elegant dress really well, not disappointing her reputation about her fashion sense. And, I looooooved her butterfly earrings which reminded me of my Butterfly Debut Necklaces.

By the way, after the show, now I know who Tina Fey is, whom I see in every single magazine I receive, advertising American Express card (her Sarah Palin was great in Saturday Night Live too, wasn’t it?). Now I have to rent “30 Rock,” “John Adams,” “Recount,” and “Mad Man” if I can. Intriguing winners I’ve never seen yet…

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