Amazing Art Display!

This is an amazing art display at the BMW museum. When art comes with technology, I guess the sky is the only limit!

Kinetic sculpture


After the D Party…

My apology for taking this long to report! But, it’s over, and now I can breathe. Phewwww…

It was such a pleasure to make each ordered item and to ship them out to customers. As you all know, June was our 1st anniversary month, and the 4th of July weekend has just passed. Those two back-to-back celebrations kept us all busy, and it seemed like the Independence day weekend was just an extension of our anniversary celebration?!

After the celebrations, I realize we have wide varieties of customers who have unique and different tastes in jewelry. Some inquiries we received were very specific and unique alterations, which gave more new ideas on future items.

The most popular items were (of course) the Leaf Collections;

Returning customers tried different material items and asked for custom orders on these items too;

Silver items topped the overall-popular contest as anticipated;

Other popular items follow;

Overall, rather than colorful items, Silver and Gold captured customers’ hearts with the exception of some white and blue items. Also Gemstone items started to pick up customers’ eyes, which I’m glad about because I looooove gemstones. Gold sales have also gone up lately.

One thing I hate to tell everyone about our D party is…that our “$50 giftcard giveaways” could not be given away as planned…because no one commented on their purchases in June?! So, we decided to run this one more time in December, so please, please, please remember to write your comments!

Thanks always to push us to work hard and create new unique products. I hope everyone who visited DistinQue during the anniversary celebration enjoyed our party!