First Anniversary!

Time surely flew fast. It’s been already a year since DistinQue first opened up. I am proud of DistinQue coming this far and growing this much, and I have my customers and friends to thank for it. Without them, I wouldn’t be here to celebrate DistinQue’s 1 year anniversary!

To celebrate this anniversary, I’m happy to tell everyone about a FREE EVENT this month. All domestic orders will be carried out with Free Shipping! International customers can also enjoy the lowest shipping rate (please see the DistinQue home page). Plus, Free Gift will be added in every package we send out in June! Free Gift will be chosen randomly, depending on what and how much you order. This is the biggest offer DistinQue ever gave out. Along with a 1 day special sale, it will be THE celebration of the year at DistinQue!

As you already received in the monthly newsletter, we guarantee you that the 1 Day Anniversary Sale will be the biggest sale ever we offered, so stay tuned. The date and the sale will be notified to the DistinQue members only. If you’re not a member yet, just sign up for the membership today. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I am so excited to announce our first Giveaways too! 2 members will be picked to receive a $50 DistinQue gift card at the end of the celebration. Any member who writes a comment on their purchased item from DistinQue before July 5, 2008 will be automatically qualified to enter the giveaway. The comment section is opened to any registered member and can be found in each item description page. The winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced on DistinQue Home page on July 6. Of course, we are nice enough to notify the winners privately via e-mail too.

Wow, lots and lots of good stuff going on, right? I hope you enjoy our 1st Anniversary Celebration as much as I do!!!


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