Free Shipping? Free Gift? Free Money?

DistinQue.etsy, DistinQue.etsy2 & are running special sale right now!

DistinQue.etsy & DistinQue.etsy2 are offering FREE SHIPPING service for RME user, and is offering FREE GIFT for $35 or more purchase.

If you don’t know what RME is or don’t have a RME account yet, please click the button below to find out about it.

Basically the RME scoop is that you’ll receive $25 for sign-up when you open up a new account. It’s just like a paypal account with no annual fee and no service charge for transferring your money in or out. The free money was offered only until May 15, 2008, originally, but I checked with them today and the offer still stands now, so do not delay if you’re interested in opening an account with them.

Thousands and thousands of people are already signed up for RME. Please join RME today, shop at DistinQue.etsy or with free money you received, and enjoy Free Shipping or Free Gift too! ( the free gift offer ends on June 1, 2008 )

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