Big Appreciation to Share!

Hello, DistinQue members! I am so glad to share this news with you. This is one of the most lovely occasions to tell everyone, especially to those who participated in the event.

Do you all remember the last year we had the event to give all profits of the sales in November and December to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital? I’m not going to kiss-and-tell the exact amount we collected, but on behalf of all of us who chipped in, I submitted our 100% profit donation to the hospital early this year. And, guess what? They sent us their appreciation of our effort!

I first received these shirts with their logo on, which I’m going to use for the next event for them. Then at the end of April, I received these;

The glassy desk top plaque is really nice. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more space to put it on my desk right now, but it was great to receive one.

I don’t want to post obnoxiously big pictures but tried to show the part in the letter that they thanked us (although I don’t know if you can read it). Their letter is filled with their appreciation to you all who participated, and I’m sure our donation was much appreciated and will help their research and treatments on kids who need their help.

Don’t you all feel nice that you’ve done a good deed? I personally thank you who participated in the donation last year. Love you all!



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