LA Fashion Week “Hollywood Shop ‘Til You Drop” – March 8, 2008

During the exciting LA Fashion Week, as the first event in town, I went to “Hollywood Shop ‘Til You Drop” show with my friend, Gina. We arrived early to beat the crowd, but the door opened up 20-30 minute late. We had to wait in line outside under the hot sizzling sunlight (well, it was a great day weather-wise) for 40 minutes or so. That wasn’t the only downside of this event. The event was way better advertised than it actually was. Although I found a few great designers to meet and enjoy their creations, I have to say it was a little disappointment.

This event was held at a hollywood nightclub called “Ritual.” There was a small outdoor section inside. The setting was a little scattered and not organized, but it was nice to be because of the awesome weather. It was hard to get around to look at products due to the packed setting. Sellers were still sorting out their products to finish their displays. Maybe we went there too early?

The inside was also crowded with booths. Jewelry, Shirts for men and women, Dresses, Handbags, Beauty products, Sunglasses…almost everything in fashion was there. The place was so small, and despite of the exotic setting of the place as a night club, lack of lights in some parts made the place even look smaller and stuffy.

As time goes by, professional photographers and celebrities (we couldn’t recognize) and models and designers nourished the event all around, and the place became more and more packed with devouring shoppers.


Now it was time for the runway show. The stage was way too small and short for the runway, and the shining ball on the ceiling that came down to walking model’s head height was a definite safety hazard. I should say the models (and even the designers) were not ready to do the show for sure, but it’s always nice to look at unique fashion. I didn’t stay ’til I dropped but was able to pick up some runway shows and meet up the designers I liked.

First, I was soooo impressed by the outfit of Houstina Summers that day. She was wearing rather big bright gold dangling earrings and female Amazon warrior type shoes that covered her calves along with her simple and short one piece dress. When I first saw her, I didn’t know she was one of the designers. She was busy talking to models and customers, so all I did was just following her around to catch her break. I finally caught up with Tina after her runway show and talked to her very briefly and took pictures of her. She has wonderful fashion senses of unique clothes and jewelry. You can find Tina’s creations at


(sorry about the blurry pictures, my indoor flash is not cut out to shoot this type of stuff apprently)

Another one I liked was Je Couture. She didn’t come up to the runway because she was totally surrounded by buyers at her booth. I had little time to talk to her before the runway and after the runway. Jacy is a wonderful gal to be a friend with. I personally loved her wool and cashmere sweater and jacket and hip skirts, Softcorps 2007 collection. I didn’t take good pictures of her clothes on runway, but I’m sure you can find her creations including Spring 2008 collection (silk tunic, ruffled long vest, silk ruffle scarf, silk long cami, etc.) on her site “”


Gina and I both didn’t purchase anything eventually, but it was a good day out. I hope they find a bigger place next year, so the shopping could be more comfortable and luxurious.


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