Paris Fashion Show – Fall 2008

My favorite, out of big 3, was the Paris one. Just lots and lots of dresses, suits, boots, bags, and jewelry I loved!

First of all, Lanvin‘s necklaces were provocative.


Second, Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton was worth everything to wait for. Shoes, bags, hair styles, hats, outfits, jewelry…literary everything.


Third, John Galliano‘s presentation was so beautiful, and his hats were the “art” itself.


Next, I’ll just throw Chloe in here because sometimes I like their girly stuff.


And, Balanciaga‘s accessories (including shoes) were stunning. More stunning than the outfits to me I should say.


And, Chanel‘s presentation was very simple with no noisy accessories, which is rare in fashion shows. It was purely a collection of clothing. I give him a big applause for that. It also showed his confidence in his collection for confident women. All showed on the stage were wearable. The set of the show, Mary-go-around with Chanel bag theme, was also a talk of the week.


Viktor & Rolf‘s “NO” fashion with random stapled clothes and futuristic boots was another provocative and modern show.


Stella McCartney‘s approach with minimal make-up was a quiet shock. Her simple and natural collection with handmade light felt, instead of animal fur, lured women to define “sexy” in women’s point of view. Their bags were made with no animal skin too (which Natalie Portman would love to hear). I looooved the loose felt with the grayish boots (see the 5th picture below)!


The top show in Paris fashion week for me, and so many would agree, was Alexander McQueen. It was Victorian, Russian, Indian, Persian, and all of above. The whole presentation was absolutely, how can I say this, exotic, superior, and royal. It was a show to remember for a life time.


Finally, my favorite in Paris was Yves Saint Laurent. The huge factor for that is (of course) whether it’s the collection I can relate to or not. Like Julian Moore said about the designer Stefano Palati’s elegant collection, the collection was with simple fabric with no crazy pattern, which I personally love. It was for sheek women who love high fashion in trouser and dress suits that fit and at the same time loosen. The fabric, the structure, and the shape in his clothings were so exquisite and mathematicaly perfect and beautiful to look at. The shocking wig that covered over eyes of every model and dark lipstick emphasized even more on the clothing they were wearing, and it also stirred up curiosity in a sort of exotic way which excited the audience.


*All pictures are from Check their site for more pictures and videos to experience the fashion runway!


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