Milan Fashion Show – Fall 2008

After the romantic and transparent fabric, combination of art and fashion, and lots of intense color and night wears in Spring collections, Milan’s fall collection looked much simpler for sure.

“Sexy and naughty librarian” themed Dsquared2 was fun to watch. After Valentino’s retirement at last Spring show, Valentino‘s new designer, Alessandra Facchinetti, brought more feminine and younger side of Valentino in suits with (amazingly) flat-heeled shoes in their collection. Bohemian-ish and rock & roll were Gucci. Versace showed plenty of simplicity and sophistication in this fall collection and introduced photographic art of city on her dresses for a (big I should say) change.

Overall, it was full of luxury and erotic; Prada‘s sexy lacy and lacy outfit, Fendi‘s fur coats colored with real 22K gold, Rough-Chick theme of Gucci, and more. The declining dollar value was also a fact of the show. People wanted more fabric and more embellishment for the money.

My personal attention went to accessories for this time Milan; handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Gucci and Fendi handbags were just a fantasy to have (as usual). Jewelry didn’t do well to catch my eyes. HOWEVER, quite a few designers’ shoes were just to die for to look at, especially Prada.


(alberta ferretti’s collection)


(bag and sweaters / fendy collection – aren’t these sweaters gorgeous?)


(gucci collection)


(prada collection)

*All the pictures are from Please check their wonderful site to see the hottest news in town!


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