NYC Fashion Show Fall 2008

Along with Eva Longoria, Christian Slater, Angie Harmon, Susan Sarandon, and many more, Great designers gathered again to show the fall collection of 2008.

New York Fashion Show is known for American designers who show pieces that are wearable. I mean comparing to other designers at Milan or Paris fashion shows. I love their simplicity and practicality.

In my opinion, this season, it was everything anything. Just like how it goes with everything these days in the State. In style-wise and color-wise, it was from Marc Jacobs‘ womanized cowboy-looking hat in red to a smoky black dress of Vera Wang, from metallic jewelry and sheer dresses to fur coats, one color simple fabric to geometric or flowery figury ones. Each designer has different and unique style, but in my opinion, this season, it was a free-flowing everywhere.

Comparing with the Spring collections, colors definitely toned down. Expected brown and black colors were shown along with a noticeable amount of orange, gold, and purple (eggplant). More daytime wears and fewer dresses were noticed too.

I personally loooooved the stunning collection of Rodarte. Their sheer evening dresses made me speechless (pictures below). I also loved Marc Jacobs ring and Calvin Klein‘s shoes that seemed to be definitely wearable (pictures below). I already have a pair like that in dark golden rod color (yay!). Oscar De La Renta‘s green evening dress was particularly eye-catching too (picture below).


(1. earrings / oscar de la renta – reminds me of pink dream earrings in my shop, 2,3. ring and bracelet / marc jacobs )


(calvin klein’s collection)


(oscar de la renta’s collection)


(rodarte’s collection – the last long evening dress is to die for!)

However, Diane Von Furstenberg (I wouldn’t mind going out without that very-green hat though) won my heart this time (pictures below). Her collection perfectly matched the theme “Refugee” in a modern way. Just looking at her creations inspired me in a way to survive this tough life. Really. Like her mom said when she was asked how she could survive the war, “it was raining, but I always knew that I was walking through raindrops.”


(diane von furstenberg’s collection)

All pictures are from the wonderful Please visit the site to watch the current runaway videos or the updated news of the newest fashion in details!


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