Don’t Be Afraid of Big Accessories

I usually go for the smaller accessories too. But, I have to tell you. You should have something different in your collection just in case. Why?

If you wear a colorful make-up everyday, no one would notice that you’re wearing make-ups, but if you go out natural most of the time and one day show up with a lipstick on your lips, people will ask you, “Where are you going today?” It’s like that. You’re jabbing punches here and there in your every day.

Try a flowery corsage on your semi-casual outfit. Try dangling metal (brass or copper) earrings to a party. Put on a colorful thick fabric belt along with your skirt, or give a point with a frill scarf or muffler before you head out.

If you’re still afraid to try big accessories, get a big but thin hoop earrings. It looks simple, but amazingly, you’ll find them go with almost all outfit you wear both casual and formal.

Women should know how to surprise people sometimes, wouldn’t you agree? Try bigger accessories today. You’ll feel different and refreshed even. Just be warned though. You might be addicted to them! 🙂

Here are some from my shop.

our lady barrettemagma necklacesilver heart necklacewrapped hoopsgold aspen leaf necklacesilver long leaf earringslong vine ringtwisted hoopwinter queen earrings


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