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One Last Look at 3 Major Fashion Weeks

Reviewing the New York, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, it all comes down to this – Retro futurism in 19th century. In another words, complicated.

In upcoming fall and winter, Feminism and Minimalism will still run around busy catching our eyes. It wouldn’t be overwhelming like last season, but long and lean silhouette and feminine fabric will be hot this year. This wouldn’t be the head-to-toe fashion though. You would be doing lots of mix-and-match. Wear a silk button-down shirt under your boyfriend’s jacket. Match a ruffly dress with a jean jacket. (I told you it’d be complicated)

Also you’ll need at least one pant-suit to get by this year. On top of designs from men’s vest, tuxedo jacket, tuxedo shirt, man’s fashion will run in woman’s. Volumized shoulders and hip lines on expensive silk and chiffon shirts and dresses will do the work to make you updated in fashion.

Another must-have would be a chiffon or silk shirt. Designers spent more time and money to find the material and fabric to produce their clothes. Even before the famous designer’s fabulous designs, the fabric and material used in their creations caught critic and shopper’s attention: Silk, Chiffon, Leather, Fur, Cashmere, etc. That means shoppers will have to pay more to follow the fashion. You get what you pay for, right?


Along with the pant-suit and silk shirt, I expect these to be popular:

Big pumps, Tights, Belts, Big Accessories, and Vests.

Well, we cannot follow everything that’s happening, but it’s good to know what’s going on and have 1 or 2 pieces that would put us in the center of attention from time to time.

*for the pictures of the runways, please check my previous articles.

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