Big Applause to Everyone!

Since I opened up DistinQue, I’ve met so many new people and visited new places and events. Just one thing to say. People are fascinating.

Courageous and amazing people with unique and daring visions are out there to try to make what’s in their hearts to reality.

As one of them, I’m proud to share my vision with you and show you each steps I take to get to where I want to be.

Big heartful applause to everyone out there who lives hard every day to make their dreams come true!!!


First Hello from DistinQue

Hello, everyone!

That was my BIG hello to everyone who visited DistinQue blog. Never liked the idea to show people anything about me. However, starting a business changed a lot of my thoughts about the world, other people, and my life.

My life goal to help people also had to take a big step to reality; making the idea into a plan then into a work. A small step made a bigger step forward. Involving with community and new people are stressful sometimes but there’s a big reward afterwards which makes me smile at the end of every day.

Blogging is one of my ways to push myself to work on my dream and move it forward and to spread my words widely to help people, AND, most importantly, to have new fun in my life, which is another resolution of mine for this year.

I hope to share with you so much and hear from you as much as possible. See you all around! Carpe Diem!